What we have

MyPCR Personal Care Record is a life-long, comprehensive electronic personal care record
for every patient, on their mobile phone and PC browser.

Data entry direct by doctor, patient, wearables, remote monitoring devices, IoT and from physician systems.

MyPCR automatically analyses the incoming data, interprets it and makes it come alive.

MyPCR creates specific, evidence-based personal care pathways for each patient, based on their own individual conditions and needs.

MyPCR gives each patient their own unique  list of actions to take to get their best health outcomes for their long term conditions (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, heart, lung and kidney problems), immunisations, health checks and other screening programs.

MyPCR delivers automatic alerts, reminders and follow up on the patient’s  mobile phone app for each action, ensuring patients are unfailingly alerted, reminded and followed up.

Because MyPCR is driven by evidence-based pathways, MyPCR empowers patients to get their best health outcomes.

Why personal care records?

Healthcare is still inefficient, paper driven, and only just beginning its Digital Transformation. Retail, banking, insurance, and travel went through Digital Transformation…

… to get lower costs, increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Just like the retail, banking, insurance, and travel industries, healthcare must:

Move from organisation-centric to patient-centric thinking and systems
Enable patients to manage services directly themselves
Create life-long records for each patient

Healthcare needs a comprehensive, life-long, personal care record for every patient. The need for life-long personal care records that cut costs and improve health outcomes is compelling.  The market for such a personal care record is almost empty world-wide.

Today almost no one has one.  Soon everyone will have one.  The growth potential is huge.

How the MyPCR
Personal Care Record Works

MyPCR offers the UK’s most comprehensive personal care record app on PCs and mobiles.

The Heart of the Jigsaw

Evidence-Based Care Pathways

Why Evidence-Based Care Pathways?

Evidence-based care pathways were developed to determine the best actions to take to get the best outcomes for patients at the lowest costs for funders.

Research confirms that If patients are conformant with the evidence-based care pathway for their long term condition they will get their best outcomes and their funders will get their lowest costs.

MyPCR enables patients’ conformance with the directions indicated through the care pathways by ensuring every patient is unfailingly alerted, reminded and followed up, completely automatically on their phone, for these evidence-based actions.

This means that there is no long wait to see if MyPCR has an impact.

If, in the first year or two, patients’ conformance with their evidence-based personal care pathways rises, then the research will guarantee they will get their best outcomes.


  • Ownership of own health data

  • Empowered, informed, accessible on mobile and PCs

  • See own care pathways

  • Personalised alerts, reminders and follow up

  • Regular, automatic risk assessments

  • Self-care and self-manage with own care pathways

  • Follow and track Healthy lifestyle modules

  • Consult NICE accredited health library

  • Find and contact local services

  • Portable, always with you

  • Multilingual

Doctors & Nurses
  • Save time, effort and resources on call and recall

  • Automatic alert if blood tests abnormal

  • Improved efficiency

  • Each patient treated optimally

  • Increase screening check uptake

  • Support integrated care

Healthcare Providers
  • Reduced costs

  • Fewer unplanned admissions

  • Fewer unwarranted tests

  • Less waste and duplication

  • Treatment conformant with evidence-based care pathways

  • Reduce unwarranted treatment variations

  • Reduce secondary consequences of long term conditions

  • Better outcomes

  • Reduced health inequalities

  • Real time reporting and analysis

  • Reduced costs

  • Faster claims management

  • Claim pre-authorisation

  • Improved medication adherence

  • Risk assessments for early detection of disease

  • Direct 1:1 communication, with all or specific member sub-groups

  • Promote new services

  • Remind about current services

  • Questionnaires for patients’ feedback

  • Real time reporting and analytics

Healthcare Funders
  • Support integrated care

  • Reduce Costs

  • Reduce waste and duplication, unplanned admissions, health inequalities & unwarranted treatment variations

  • Increase conformance with evidence-based care pathways

  • Reduce costs of secondary consequences of long term conditions

  • Fully automated.  No effort required by doctors and staff.  Saves GPs time and resources

  • Increase treatment conformant with evidence-based care pathways

  • Improved health and are outcomes

  • Real time reporting and analysis of conformance with pathways for long term conditions and screening including by practice, patient, age, gender, locality, co-morbidity

  • Identify patients with poor conformance with evidence-based care pathways for earlier focussed intervention

  • Promote well-being and prevention

  • Monitor performance

Security, Governance, Blockchain and Standards

MyPCR is hosted securely in the Cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS). 

All patient data is governed by Data Sharing Agreements and Privacy Impact Assessments between healthcare professionals and with patient consent.

MyPCR complies with the EU General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR). 

KSI® Blockchain

Security is essential when data is shared. IAM has partnered with Guardtime and MyPCR uses Guardtime’s KSI®️ Blockchain to ensure that data transferred to and from MyPCR between parties is immutable, fraud-proof and tamper-proof.

Standards based

iAM is compliant with international and UK standards including openEHR, FHIR, ISO 13606, HL7 and CDA. deployments.