Guardtime today announces its HSX API platform for building secure distributed health applications. The platform is built on top of Guardtime’s EU-eIDAS certified Trust Service, providing a single source of truth for data and enabling application developers to rapidly integrate features into existing and new health solutions.


APIs include  Data Integrity, GDPR-Compliant Patient Consent, Provenance, FHIR Interoperability and Secure Transport, Patient Identity Mapping, Directory Services and Multi-Party Computation.

Deployments include: Estonian E-Health Foundation, China’s PuTian Hospital Group, UK NHS, Roche and 10 of the world’s largest Life Science companies
Applications include: Immunity Passport, Virtualized Clinical Trials, Medication Adherence, Real World Data Evidence based indication and combination pricing, Clinician to Clinician Interoperability, Lab to Patient Data Transfer Automation and Assured Medical AI.